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Piemonte is the perfect area to explore on a Vespa, an E-bike or by our classic Alfa Romeo Spider.


You ride along quiet winding roads through beautiful little towns. It is a hilly region where you will encounter beautiful panoramas and every town has a good Trattoria.


Of course we will provide you with a roadmap and tell you where you should definitely go and where you can enjoy a lovely lunch. You are after all in Italy!

Nizza Monferrato


Valentina Cantarella

Michael Lothmann

Vespa Rental

E-Bike Rental and Tours

Alfa Spider Rental


Vespa Rental

Our Vespa's have character.


They are economical to use and very comfortable.


The 125cc engine easily brings you and your passenger up the hills.


It’s an automatic, so all you have to do is quietly accelerate and enjoy!

1/2 day

1 day


45 euro

65 euro

Meer weergeven
  • Inclusive max 2 helmets.

  • a stunning route description.

  • inclusive unlimited kilometers


E-Bike Rental

The Monferrato hills are very suitable to explore on your own, with your relatives or with friends.


If you like to do this just rent our E-bikes for one or more days.

With our routes you won't get lost. During the day you can stop wherever you want:


Take a break for a good and abundant lunch, visit a wine cellar or stroll through one of the hill top villages with exceptional views.


1/2 day

1 day

25 euro

35 euro

  • E-bike rental

  • Helmet and lock

  • Full battery

Tel: +39 329 1604 627  |  Email: info@piemonteonwheels.com



Questions? Just send us a mail.


Wine Tour

Experience an amazing tour on an e-bike with a certified tour guide that accompanies you through our Monferrato hills and vineyards.


During the tour, we can arrange visits and wine-tastings in cellars that have perfected the production of Barbera wines.

These tours are available from April through October. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, departing at 2:30pm .


Riding on an E-bike is very comfortable. In this way you don’t need an excellent condition to explore our Monferrato hills by bike!

Please, reserve a tour with us upto 24 hours in advance.


2-3 p


45 euro

35 euro

  • 3 hour Tour

  • English speaking Tour guide

  • Wine tasting


Alfa Romeo Spider Rental

Our Classic Alfa Romeo Spider was born 1988, It has a 2 litre motor and a luxurious  leather interior with 2 seats. The car is in a very good condition. We love to drive it!


  • Inclusive stunning route descriptions

  • inclusive unlimited kilometers

1/2 day

1 day

150 euro

250 euro

If you want to book a Rental, a tour or looking for other info
Just send a mail and we wil answer within 24 hours

Rental conditions

Unlimited mileage is included in the rental amount

Payment is cash upon arrival

Upon rental you will hand over a valid Credit Card and 200 Euro as deposit

Bring a valid proof of identity


You shall return our vehicle on the last rental day before 19:00

Fines shall be charged to the driver

Theft of and damages to our vehicles are accountable to the driver.

The own risk with damages and theft is up to the day value of our vehicles.

Before departure our general conditions should be undersigned


E-bike rental is including 1 helmet


Vespa Rental is including one or two helmets

The minimum required driver age is 25 years

You must have a valid B driver’s license

Our Vespa's are insured against damages caused by external parties.

+Alfa Spider

The minimum required driver age is 25 years

You must have a valid B driver’s license

Our Alfa Spider is insured against damages caused by external parties.




We rent out our vespa's from april 22th till 31 october. 


The rental starts at Nizza Monferrato.


Free parking on our premises or in Nizza Monferrato.


Is it difficult to ride a Vespa? Not really. You should however have some sense of balance. The advantage is that the roads are quiet and that the Vespa’s are automatic.

Is it difficult to drive a Vintage Alfa Romeo Spider?

Not really. We will instruct you on the usage of the car.

Is it difficult to drive an E-bike?

No not really, after the instruction you will be used to driving our E-bikes in minutes.


Upon departure you will receive a road map and tips on the environment.



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